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XM8 Consulting About Us

We are comprised of professionals who have been in the contracting business most of our lives. We have independent insurance adjusters, appraisers and contractors on our team. A lot of the team has traveled as a storm chasers all around the USA contracting hail work. In 2011 XM8 Consulting was formed as many competitors started asking our contracting company (sold in 2016) to write their estimates as well. With the knowledge of most codes, we are well known for making great estimates that contractors can present to the insurance company or insured and have an easier time presenting their case.
Our billing department has been billing insurance claims for 15 years. Our knowledge of the insurance paperwork is a valuable commodity to help keep cash flow coming. Our team calls insurance carriers to verify that paperwork has been received. They also create copies of the insurance paperwork. These copies are either given to the contractor if this is what was requested or given to our team of experts to add the items that were passed over on the initial adjustment.
We bill our contractors once per week, generally on Fridays.
We have an expert to assist with any kind of estimate. We have completed water claims, hail claims, hurricane claims, subrogation claims, liability claims, fire claims, mold claims. We have even estimated highway bridges and fiber optic cable damage. There isn’t much we haven’t seen as far as property damage.
Please call us to discuss the raise you will get when you hire our team. 720-446-7500

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